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TR724 Speed Agility Ladder 2m
Speed Agility Ladder 2m 2 metre agility ladder This ideal training aid, forces the feet to adapt..
TR567 Speed Agility Ladder Set
Speed Agility Ladder Set 10 rungs with cones to set out in any shape to suit any drill Ideal for..
TR801 Micro Training Cone Kit
Micro Training Cone Kit 12 x 23cm cones with 12 holes 6 x 120cm plastic canes Cones and canes c..
TR580 Agility Hurdle Cone Set
Agility Hurdle Cone Set Supplied with 20 x 30cm high cones Cones have a series of 3 holes at dif..
TR657 Multi-Purpose Cone Set
Multi-Purpose Cone Set 6 x 15" cones 6 x speed rings 6 x poles..
TR582 Set Flexi Boundary Poles
Set Flexi Boundary Poles 12 x 1.7m flexible poles (4 fluo yellow, 4 red, 4 fluo orange) with grou..
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TR760 Outdoor Passing Arc
Outdoor Passing Arc 2" higher - the new improved spike passing arc. Helps build passing accuracy..
TR575 Boundary Pole Base
Boundary Pole Base Pole base allows boundary poles to be used on astro or hard ground surfaces..
TR761 Indoor/Outdoor Passing Arc
Indoor/Outdoor Passing Arc Six passing arcs For passing drills and practice Comes in their own ..
TR574 Parachute
Parachute Chute with padded waist belt applies even resistance. Suitable for distances from 10m ..
TR576 Evasion Belt
Evasion Belt The attacker tried to braeak away from the defender, during multi-directional quickn..
TR573 Power Speed Resistor
Power Speed Resistor This harness system uses partner controlled resistance It's suitable for sh..
TR730 Speed Sled
Speed Sled Straight line speed device to increase sprinting power Build power with resisted spri..
TR731 Over Speed Trainer
Over Speed Trainer Slingshot over-speed trainer to improve leg speed. 1 x 6m flexi-cord, 2 x spr..
TR403 Speed Agility Hoops
Speed Agility Hoops Set of twelve hoops supplied in a bag Colours Red, Yellow and Blue.  ..
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